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Growing Bluelime Marketing with Advertisers

Solve PR and Marketing at Once!

Unlike offline ads that can only be advertised to certain potential customers, online ads can be advertised by overcoming the limitations of time and space and accessing the Internet anywhere.

Bluelime Communications accurately analyzes and sets online advertising targets and advertising channels to produce the optimized marketing effect that customers want.

Practice Makes Perfect


  • Marketing Channel Operating Agency

  • Web sites and designs for business branding

  • Online advertising consulting

  • Online advertising consulting


Manage SNS advertising and digital marketing platform channels using Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Kakao Talk, Twitter, Groupon, Google Business, etc. Improve advertising performance through accurate targeting and efficient ad management.


Produce high-quality designs at reasonable prices. Web sites, company logos, printouts, everything the brand needs.


Overall consulting on online advertising for customers taking their first steps in online advertising. Increase sales and analyze performance by planning various online channel advertising and promotional events.


Video professionals use a variety of ideas to create videos suitable for YouTube channels and increase advertising efficiency.

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